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Cable Matters Uniboot OS2 LC to LC Outdoor Armored Fiber Patch Cable 150ft – Single Mode Duplex 9/125, LSFRZH, Direct Burial Support with UV Resistant and Fire Retardant Cable Jacket – 150 Feet /45.7m

The Power of Fiber: Support even the most demanding datacenter with this armored fiber optic cable duplex; Connect high-performance and high-bandwidth systems with the speed, precision, and reliability of fiber optics; This single mode fiber optic patch cable is made of durable material for outstanding indoor and outdoor performance

Innovative Uniboot Design: This jumper optical patch cord features a cutting-edge uniboot design which supports duplex transmission over a single cable; Reduce cable clutter where space matters in a compact datacenter

Rugged Fiber Optics: Ultra durable and rugged direct burial fiber optic cable features a durable LSFRZH jacket made of low smoke, fire retardant, and zero-halogen material and is UV-resistant for outdoor or underground installation making it the perfect outdoor fiber optic cable

Datacenter Companion: Universally compatible jumper optical patch cord is ideal for high-bandwidth datacenters, storage area networks, and enterprise networking

High Bandwidth Support: Support 1GBASE and 10GBASE networks with this ultra durable armored single mode fiber lc to lc cable

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