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COMTECH CT-62C Arc Calibration | How to solve “fusion failed” error in splicing machines

Generally, fiber combination splicer can adjust its ARC by air, temperature level and moisture stress instantly.

Have you ever before experienced the trouble that your splicing top quality is becoming worse and even worse after a long period of time utilizing? Why would certainly this occur and just how to repair it?

The aging and filthy problem of the electrodes will certainly additionally create the modification of discharge strength, and the discharge facility will certainly be moved loved one to the placement of optical fiber blend.

Among the vital impact elements is ARC.

As to accomplish reduced loss and steady optical fiber combination, we require to adjust the ARC to remedy the discharge to the common stamina under the listed below problems:

When the moisture, temperature level and air stress of the operating atmosphere have wonderful adjustments, ①;

② Continuous splicing failing or high loss;

③ Fusion splicer is not made use of for a very long time, or the electrodes are utilized a lot of times;

④ After changing the electrode or cleansing.

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It is advised to perform ARC calibration after splicing 300 times for 125um fiber and 50 times for 400um fiber.