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OPM (Optical Power Meter) – Fiber Optic Tester training video

The Optical Power Meter is tiny, simple as well as light to lug huge LCD display. It can be commonly utilized in the examination of LAN, WAN urbane network. It can be utilized to check Fiber loss precisely, to examine the Fiber connection as well as to assist to assess the transmission top quality of Fiber chain with the laser resource.
It can be utilized to examine Optical Power within the variety of 800 ~ 1700nm wavelength, with the system as nW, μW, mW, dB, dBm, its display screen resolution degree and also examination precision are high. There are
850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1625nm, 1490nm, as well as 1550nm, 6 sort of wavelength calibration factors. It can be utilized for linearity and also non-linearity examination as well as route both present as well as loved one examination of Optical Power.