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Volvo Safety

Volvo Safety

How often do you hear of a deadly Volvo car accident? Not very often. They are well known for the safety and have been since day one. It is one of the few manufacturers that actually design their vehicles as sexy and safe. You hardly get the two in such an ideal package. Many people are buying Volvos because of this fact. With the overwhelming amount of fatal car crashes that occur everyday, it’s no wonder why consumers are now looking for a safe place to be while driving on the road. Manufacturers of other car makes are noticing this sudden increase in this safety trend and are beginning to design their vehicles more reliably.

Ford for instance, acquired Volvo car corp. in 1999 and have since then been using their connection with Volvo to raise its safety profile in the auto industry. The auto safety field is very competitive because of the increase in consumer awareness and consumers starting families earlier. When you have children and a spouse your taste in cars change drastically. You no longer want that two-seater or that car with the Lamborghini doors. You want a vehicle that can comfortably fit everyone and that will keep them safe.

If you have ever gone to a car show to see concept cars, then you have noticed that Volvo always has a really great vehicle with safety always in mind. For instance the rear view mirror senses when cars behind you get to close and if any cars are in your blind spot. These are known as active rearview mirrors. The mirror is connected to the sensors on the rear of the Volvo. When cars get too close an acoustic warning is augmented. This is a great practical design concept.

Another great idea that Volvo has are adaptive headlights. The headlights monitor the car’s speed and the steering wheel movements. While the car is driving fast, the headlights switch to a mode where you will be able to see in long distances ahead – with longer light beams. And at lower speeds, the beam is shorter. It even adjusts during turns, widening as you go. This great technology is possible through the use of fiber-optic methods.

The best so far is the night vision. Most people don’t see well at night and require glasses. It has been proven that red lights are easier to see in a dim environment. Utilizing that fact, Volvo makes another good grade in the safety department. Combined with the adaptive headlights, older drivers tend to feel more comfortable driving at night. Not only is this good for safety but it also moves the buyer metrics higher since people feel more comfortable driving and tend to buy at least one more new car in their lifetime. With Volvo’s infrared night vision, no one would have to worry about those winding dark roads.

Volvo safety has been a concept for its manufacturer since the beginning and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Where as some manufacturers rely on gimmicks to sell cars, Volvo has built the reputation as the safest car around. So if you are looking to get a truly safe car with a wonderful track record, Volvo just may be for you.