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Don’t Ever Miss –With Fiber Optics Rifle Sights

Don’t Ever Miss –With Fiber Optics Rifle Sights

Suppose you were asked: which part of the sniper’s rifle is the most effective? If you’d say the caliber then read on because you are wrong, very wrong indeed.

A sniper rifle’s deadliest component is its optical sights, especially in today’s present technology of fiber optics. It is even said that with fiber optics rifle sights, you can fit any rifle or automatic and you’re going to hit any target, barring the caliber range, regardless of the dimension. That is the focusing power of modern technology scopes and the precision enhancing fiber optics rifle sights. These are, definitely, the most effective component in any sniping rifles.

So why not fit your rifles with fiber optics rifle sights. With these on, there’s no reason for missing, whether it is paintball, buck hunting, or even a remote deployment to the no-man’s land. Here are the choices:

Mounting Solutions Plus (at

Sight-Link AR15 Fiber Optic Front Sight .050 Ultra-Match
* fiber Optic Rod provides a bright, easy-to-see dot for precision shooting
* spring provides stability
* custom detent plunger locks blade in place
* 5/8” MOA height adjustment per click
* Includes aside from detailed handling instructions: front sight blade, detent, installation tools (universal front sight wrench and detent tool), and fiber optic rods

Tri-Link Fiber Optics Shotgun Sight
* At last –a shotgun fiber optics sights, for those hunters who love the power punch of shotguns, and the precision aim of fiber optics
* Replaces standard shotgun sights with these optic sights, using industry standard fiber optic rod .060”, for replacement
* Strength is achieved by the mounting system, that’s why it is a “gunsmith installation only” product

Cabela’s (at is definitely the world’s foremost outfitter. That makes them a comprehensive retailer for fiber optics rifle sights. Fiber optics replacement, sight sets, sight systems, sight paint –name it Cabela’s have it. Here are the top picks for fiber optics rifle sights available at Cabela’s:

Truglo® Winchester 94/Marlin 336 Fiber Optics Rifle Sight Sets

The Truglo® Winchester 94/Marlin 336 Fiber Optics Rifle Sight Sets is a quality combo sights for the front and rear, made of machined metal. It uses the Tri-Dot technology, an in-line aiming structure of contrasting easy-to-see, clear colors. A few other devices can help your shooting more precise.

HiViz® Flame All-in-One Shotgun Sight

Scattershot plus aiming makes a deadly shotgun combo. This HiViz® Flame compacted into the low-profile steel base, replacing the shotgun’s existing front bead allows faster precision target acquisition. Don’t worry about fit, this HiViz® Flame supports universal design.