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Give Me Cable Please! Yank My Dish!!

Give Me Cable Please! Yank My Dish!!

Let’s start with what I consider one of the most important Cable TV advantages, Reliability! Cable TV is immune to the problems that plague Directv, Dish Network and all other DBS satellite providers. Such as Rain fade, Cloud fade, Ice fade, Snow fade, and as a former DBS owner I can name a couple other fade problems. Tree fade, trees naturally grow and when they start to leaf you start loosing your satellite signal, which means chop another tree or two down. Also a newly coined phrase, Wind fade, it’s not exactly the wind itself that causes the problem, but say your watching NASCAR and your picture starts to pixelate {turn into checkered squares} during a race, making it extremely annoying, it could be the wind blowing, bending the tree tops into the line of site for the satellite signal. Thus a windy day = Wind fade. I give Directv, Dish Network and all DBS satellite, Two thumbs down for reliability. If I had an extra thumb I’d give it three thumbs down.

Cable TV or Digital Cable TV can function beautifully in all weather conditions, making it a much more viable and safer choice in extreme conditions. With Dish Network or Directv you may lose your signal long before you receive a warning from the weather bureau of impending danger, storms, tornados, etc. I’ll put my trust in cable TV for my family’s safety because it’s a very reliable worry-free service! Give me cable TV please! And Yank My Dish!

Mark Twain: “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”

Just think about this!

Just one small itsy bitsy cable, replaces all that junk on your roof, old antennas systems which can have two or even three antennas or even a tower. Also the ugly satellite dish or multiple dishes depending on local channels, HD channels, or their so-called high-speed internet. One small cable replaces all that, and at the same time provides a lot more service.

One tiny cable brings you all these worry-free services and more. Your crystal clear Cable TV / Video channels, High speed internet or cable internet. The cable industry is the world’s largest broadband provider of high speed Internet access. In the U.S. alone it spent $100 billion over ten years to build a two-way interactive network with fiber optic technology. Cable operators also provide state-of-the-art digital Cable telephone service to millions around the world. Many cable operators are already offering bundled services, known as Triple Play. This consists of cable TV / video channels, high speed internet or cable internet, and Cable telephone services being bundled as a group which provides a huge savings to the customer. Just think about it! One tiny cable replaces all that junk on your roof and provides all these extra services perfectly! Cable TV – Your One Stop Shop! One Wire – One Bill

Cable High-Speed Internet, Way To Go!!!

Cable internet has the speed we need, and many cable operators are offering some very nice deals, below dial-up monthly charges with no commitments or contracts. If cable internet is available to you, try it you’ll definitely like it! I remember the agony when I had dial-up internet, I would type in a website and wait for what seemed like an eternity for the webpage to load up, while twirling around in my office chair until I got dizzy, then behold the page was finally loaded up. That all changed when cable TV became available to our area. The first time I tried high-speed cable internet, I typed in a website and witnessed MAGIC, the page was there instantly. Very impressive! Just think of the time saved, and the increased productivity. Also were not tying up the phone line and missing important calls.

Directv and Dish Network, So-Called High-Speed Internet???

Directv and DishNetwork as we’ve witnessed, have had failed attempts at a reliable high-speed internet service via satellite in the past. It seems the current strategy is to partner up with Telephone companies that provide DSL, just so they can say they provide the DSL service themselves. Dish Network and Directv like to pretend their a Cable provider I guess? {Hey, nothing wrong with pretending, I like to pretend I’m Martha Stewart, whoops that’s another story}.

As of this writing both Dish Network and Directv are partnered up with “WildBlue”, which does provide high-speed internet service via satellite, but it may be wise to do a little investigating on the search engines using some select words added to WildBlue before you commit yourself to the service. It’s a long term commitment.

Dish Networks / WildBlue have a contract term of 18 months and if you disconnect in that 18 month period there’s a prorated cancellation fee of $450. The cost is $199 and that is for the equipment lease fee, you never own it. Dish Networks Silver pack is $49.95 per month, with 128 kbps upload 512 kbps download. Gold pack is $69.95 per month, with 200 kbps upload 1.0 Mbps download. And the Platinum pack is $79.95 per month, with 256 kbps upload 1.5 Mbps download. Installation is free for a limited time only!! On top of that Dish Network / WildBlue use a dedicated dish for this semi high-speed internet service. This means another dish being mounted to the roof. How many dishes can one house take??

Frank Zappa: “There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.”

Cable Internet on the other hand is so much simpler, no long term contracts or commitments, you can cancel anytime with no penalty. What I like most about high-speed cable internet is the price and the speed! I’ve seen introductory offers for as little as $9.99 a month for 12 months, with our cable TV bundled services its only costing us $19.33 a month which is 66 cents cheaper than our old dial-up internet and so much faster. We have the basic 3.0 Mbps upload and download, twice the speed of Dish Networks $79.95 Platinum pack. But much higher speeds are also available with Cable internet for those who download huge files, movies, etc. Digital cable TV, High-speed Cable internet, and Cable telephone services all come in very reliably with only One Small Cable, One Cable – One Bill!