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INNO View12R Ribbon MASS Fusion Splicer Welding Splicer

Fusion Splicer View 12R High Precision Cleaver V7 Thermal Stripper TS-8 Fiber Holder 12 Ribbon: FH-12L/FH-12R 8 Ribbon: FH=8L/FH-8R 4 Ribbon: FH-4L/FH-4R SOC Holder: FH-SOC-R SOC Heating Cover HTS-SOC AC Adapter JS-180300 Cooling Tray CG-22 Electrode E-50 Electrode Grinder EG-18 Manual CD CD Battery Pack LBT-21 Power Cable ACC-25 Micro HDMI to USB Cable HDMI-15 DIN Cable DIN-18 Cigarette Lighter Cable CJ-11 Thermal Stripper Charger AR-8 Protection Sleeves PS-12R-40 V-Groove Cleaning Brush CB-0

Motorized Clamp Alignment System Highest Magnification and Resolution Double Tapping (Zoom in & out) Fastest Working Time

5 inch Color LCD Touch Screen UItra-High Capacity Battery Universal Single Fiber Holder Nano-Coated Electrode

Note: Tariff will be paid by the seller!!

Note: Tariff will be paid by the seller!!

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