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BAOSHLA Optical Fiber Pliers Flange Fiber Optic Flange Clamp Efficient Fiber Connector Insertion and Removal Tool Fiber Flange Long Nose Pliers for SC and LC Connectors in High Density Patch Panels

1.Main Function: This optical fiber flange pliers used to easily plug and unplug SC, LC and other flange heads, which is more accurate and fast compared to manual plugging, improving work efficiency.

2.High Quality Materials: The steel clamp head is hard and wear resistant, and the force can be controlled to ensure that the fiber is not damaged.

3.Long Nose Design: The optical fiber flange pliers has long nose design which can be extended to narrow areas, accurate and fast, and greatly improve work efficiency.

4.Rubber Handle: The optical fiber pliers adopts non slip rubber handle, which is comfortable to hold and not tired, suitable for long term operation.

5.Portable Design: The optical fiber stripper is compact in size and light in weight, easy to operate and carry, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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