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Fiber Optics Sights: For Accurate Shots

Fiber Optics Sights: For Accurate Shots

Fiber optics has also found applications in the world of sports and in military settings. Guns can now be equipped with fiber optics sights making the aim more accurate. Shooting, either in sports or in actual combat has become more sophisticated and effective. There are many available fiber optics sights in the market today, and one has these choices available for him.

Fiber optics sights are available both for handguns and for long-range firearms.

HI VIZ Shooting Systems

Aside from fiber optics sights, their products include recoil pads for handguns & shotguns. For their fiber optic sights, they have:
* Shotgun MagniComp MGC2006 – This uses the Magni-OpticTM technology and fits most vent-ribbed shotguns. This includes two LitePipes – green and red, screws and a key to do the interchanging of LitePipes.
* Shotgun CompSight Front Sight PM1002 – This include 8 LitePipes in varied colors and diameters. Like the MGC2006, it comes with 5 different thread size screws so that it can be attached to different gun models.
* Dovetail Rifle Style Front Sight – This comes with four different height choices: .315”, .380”, .420”, and .500” height. There are six interchangeable LitePipes in different diameters and a key. Take note that the height of sight is measured starting from the bottom of dovetail to the top of sight.
* Rifle Ruger 10/22 Combo Sight RG1001 – This is a front and rear combo sight. Its front dovetail sight has interchangeable fiber optics in bead sizes of .090”, .110”, and .120” – with red and green colors. This only fits the 10/22 barrel.
* Handgun Ruger Mk II and Browning Buckmark Front Sight HRB1001 – This fits Mark II and Mark III barrel guns as well as 22/45 – and Browning Buck Pistols – except Challenge, 5.5 Field, and 5.5 Target. This comes with six interchangeable LitePipes in various diameters and with red and green colors; carrying case for pipes are included and a key.


This company offers one of the most advanced lines of fiber optic sights and accessories. A few of their product lines are below.
* (TFO) Tritium Fiber Optic Technology Sights – This sight uses the patented TFO technology and has very good transition in all light conditions. This uses the brightest tritium available and its concealed fiber will not be seen by target.
* Remington Shotgun Sights – This fiber optic sight fits most of the newer models of Remington. This includes holders for the front and rear, and has a .050” front diameter, and .035” rear diameter.

Fiber optics sights make one’s vision and aim better, resulting to more accurate shots. A lot of models and brands are available for one to choose from. One should go with the brand that has been around for some time and has been considered to produce quality and reliable products. Also, buying from a reputable dealer of fiber optics sights would ensure you are getting the authentic products, the best deal, and excellent customer service – meaning your buying transaction is safe.