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Electrode replacement ,how to change signal fire fusion splicer electrode ?

Just how to transform signal fire combination splicer electrode?
Electrode substitute: when fiber fuse splicer advise you to change the electrode( Remaining use is much less than 200) or electrode harmed by the exterior damages, we must change the electrode.
Prepare devices: go across screwdriver + tweezers

1 、 Squeeze the cover over the electrode and bring up, after that you can see the traffic signal and we require eliminate the traffic signal by tweezers (notification that traffic signal was dealt with by warm thaw adhesive, if it’s tough to get rid of the traffic signal, prepare a little alcohol to saturate it).
2 、 after placed the traffic signal apart( No require to take out). make use of the cross screwdriver to loosen up the screw over the electrode, beyond there is a pin in the groove, utilize the tweezers or screwdriver to peak electrode, after that it’s simple take the electrode out.the Copper Pin require usage once again, Please keep in mind that there is a copper Pin with double notch, and the large notch ought to encounter to the electrode.
3 、 After change the brand-new electrode, plug in the notch, after that put the electrode right into the best location( the notch need to connect into the groove of the electrode base.) Tighten up the screws and placed back the red light( if the red light is loosen up, does not matter, simply placed it back right into outlet), after that put the cover on, the very same run of the one more electrode.
4 、 Renew the electrode with the application, if there is no worry, after that we can usually utilize it.
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