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VANDESAIL LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable, OM3 Multimode Fiber, 6 Pack 2m (6.56ft) Duplex Fiber Cables MM 50/125µm 10G LSZH Optical Patch Cable Series

OM3 LC-LC multimode 10Gb fiber optical spot cable is particularly made for high-density applications in areas such as Gigabit Ethernet, fiber network, lan, information facilities, facility installments, broad location networks, and business settings. It is an excellent selection for attaching 10G SR, 10G LRM, SFP+ transceivers, and various other 10G/40G/100G Ethernet links, acting as the recommended fiber optical spec for 10G Ethernet connections.Versatile Design: This premium multi-mode fiber optical spot cable television is developed to fulfill a selection of network needs, whether you remain in an information facility, SAN network, LAN, WAN, business center, or academic setup, it masters performance.Flexible and Easy to Maintain: Equipped with flexible clips and removable dirt caps, it offers efficient defense for the fiber optical while making single-fiber gain access to simpler. Connectors with printed tags and sheath tag rings for fast recognition streamline setup and troubleshooting.Bend-Insensitive Design: Compared to standard 50-micron fiber optical cords, this fiber optic spot cable television enables a bigger flexing span, making it appropriate for high-density setups and circumstances that call for several bends without compromising performance.Compliance with International Standards: Compliant with ITU-T G. 651.1, TIA/EIA 492AAAC, and IEC60793-2-10 A1a.2 a criteria, along with RoHS ecological specs,

it uses dependable links and quality control.

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